02/01/17 – Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Spider Lake
Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2017

The Plan and Review Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Hucker at approximately 6:00 p.m. with Brandt, Cerman, Mazik, Ross and Hucker present along with Zoning Administrator Boss.

Pledge of Allegiance

Motion made by Brandt and seconded by Mazik to approve the 1-4-17 Meeting minutes. MC 5-0

Zoning Administrator Report

No permits were issued in January. Boss noted that the Manahan violation had not been resolved and a complaint was filed in state court.

The violations noted regarding Lost Land Lake Lodge has been satisfied and the sign was removed.

Uniform Dwelling Code

Boss noted that the Town will have to decide how it will deal with electronic filing at the state level for building permits (not zoning permits). Every 30 days Boss currently has to send a copy of newly issued UDC permits to the state. With the law change that goes effective by the end of 2017, either a landowner or contractor can apply electronically and Boss will retrieve a copy of the application from the state or the applicant can do a written application and Boss will have to send to the state every 30 days a spreadsheet summarizing data regarding each of the UDC permits he issues. Currently, the state has a company that keys in the data sent in by UDC inspectors. With the law change, Boss will now have to provide the data. If there are errors in the application, Boss can deny it online if it is electronically submitted to the state. Boss is studying information that has come available.

Discussion followed. One of the questions is whether to adjust application fees to reflect the cost of additional data input. Also some thought should be given as to whether to create a financial incentive to applicants to submit applications online (e.g. no increased fee). There also may be reasons not to do so. If the town signs a delegation, Boss can then go “online” to operate. Boss needs some time to digest all of this before there can be a recommendation to the Town Board.

Also there are changes on Soil Control Erosion permits. Boss now will be able to do a form of “self-audit” on what he does with erosion control conditions in permits. This approach may eliminate some of the need for person to person audits.

A-1 Zoning

It was noted that Boss circulated draft revisions regarding changes to the Agriculture
Zoning district in January. Hucker noted that this relates to discussions that have been ongoing for over a year. Boss added a definition for livestock. It was suggested that it refer to all “horses” rather than distinguishing among uses (e.g. draft, pleasure, race, etc.). Other definitions were revised as well. Members were encouraged to review the proposed changes and to provide comment at the next meeting.

After some discussion, decision was to not permit livestock on lots that are 10 acres or less (except for poultry– which would require a conditional use permit) and a conditional use permit would be required for livestock on parcels greater than 10 acres but less than 36 acres. It was suggested the higher number be 40 acres rather than 36 acres. Discussion followed about livestock in general.

Boss has not been able to make contact with the Animal Control Officer at this point, but he will follow up again regarding limitations on livestock.

Patrick Delany expressed concern about poultry operations runoff. There was discussion about striking a balancing between use and conservation.

Boss is getting materials together so that the Commission should be able to schedule a public hearing on these matters in the next couple of months. Hucker asked every commissioner to review what Boss provided to make sure we have included all that has been discussed over the last 18 months.

Tourist Rooming Houses, Proposed Changes to the Sawyer County Zoning Ordinance and Town Consideration of Short Term Rentals

Hucker distributed a draft of suggestions for changes to the town’s ordinance which was updated based upon discussion at the January meeting. He noted that the county apparently was going forward with a revised version of its proposed regulation of short term rentals (“STRs”).

Hucker also provided the members of the Commission with a copy of an email received from Steve Smith who objects to STRs. Hucker talked with him after receipt of the email and he believes that Mr. Smith is on board with the direction that the Commission is considering. The town is not planning on following what the County is proposing to do and what the State should be doing regarding day to day operations of STRs. They talked about how grandfathering would work. Also Hucker clarified that the zoning district classification for property does not necessarily change just because, for example, a resort closed.

There was discussion about whether some areas of the town that are currently zoned RR-2 should be reclassified to RR-1. It is something that the town can look at. It was also clarified that grandfathering is not automatic and it is not limited to the STR issue.
Also, the definition of Tourist Rooming House will exclude resorts. Fees will be established by Board resolution.

It was recommended that the Town get the draft out for public hearing. Hucker indicated that the reason to do this sooner is driven in part by the likelihood that the County will take action in February on proposed STR regulation. A question was raised about whether there is a Town Map that depicts the zoning districts in Town. There is such a map. STRs would be the subject of a public hearing in March and the balance of proposed changes may be in April if the work can be completed. If deadlines cannot be met for notice, then we will defer each hearing for a month (e.g. April and May).

Any Other Business for Discussion


Motion to adjourn made by Mazik and seconded by Cerman MC 5-0

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