03/01/17 – Public Hearing – Plan and Review Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Public Hearing
March 1, 2017
Town of Spider Lake
Sawyer County, WI
6:00 P.M.

The purpose of the Public Hearing is to obtain public input regarding proposed Text Amendments to the Town of Spider Lake Land Use Ordinance #17-88 for Short-Term Rentals and Tourist Rooming Houses and for the Plan & Review Commission to consider making a recommendation to the Town Board to adopt said amendments. Proposed amendments are attached.

The hearing was called to order by Hucker at 6:01 P.M. Commission members in attendance were Hucker, Brandt, Cerman, Ross & Mazik as well as Zoning Administrator Boss. It was noted that there was a quorum for the public hearing. Hucker reminded everyone to sign in for the hearing and noted that the public notice will be attached to the minutes. The meeting was put on hold to wait for any additional persons that may wish to speak. The meeting was back on record at 6:10 PM. The hearing was opened for public comment. With no one wishing to speak, Hucker closed the public comment section of the meeting to move ahead to deliberation. Hucker is of the understanding that the County has passed its version of regulations as it relates to the licensing of Short-Term Rentals. Motion was made by Mazik and 2nd by Cerman to make a recommendation to the Town Board by the Plan & Review Commission to adopt the proposed changes to the zoning ordinance as reflected in the public notice that will be attached to these minutes. Ross inquired whether or not Short-Term Rentals will be allowed in RR-2. Hucker answered yes, by conditional use permit. All in favor. Motion carried.

The public hearing was concluded at 6:15 PM.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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03-01-17 Final Public Hearing Notice Short Term Rentals – Click to Download PDF