03/08/17 – Board of Supervisors Monthly Meeting Minutes

MARCH 8, 2017

The Town of Spider Lake Board of Supervisors monthly meeting was called to order by Town Chair Hucker at 7:00 PM. Present were Hucker, McGuiness, Cerman, Huot, Clerk Ferda, Treasurer Overman and Fire Chief Nelson. Supervisor Brandt was absent.

Motion was made by Cerman and 2nd by McGuiness to approve the agenda. All in favor. Motion carried.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion was made by Cerman and 2nd by Huot to approve the Town Board minutes of 2-8-17 and the Plan & Review Commission minutes of 2-1-17. All in favor. Motion carried.

Overman presented the Treasurer’s report. February 2017 receipts were $183,059.16 and expenditures were $1,762,181.84 leaving a balance of $654,601.14.

The vouchers were presented for payment. Motion to approve checks numbered #022152 through #022000 (including EFT checks) in the amount of $1,754,404.03 was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Cerman. All in favor. Motion carried.

The request to use town roads as an alternate route for the 2017 Fat Bike Birkie race was withdrawn. Hucker stated he is becoming concerned with the amount of requests being received for various races and the impact on town roads, whether or not to close roads, scheduling, etc.

The 2016 year-end financial report was presented. Ferda advised the board that all reports were in balance and have been submitted to the state.

Hucker reported that Boss received an email from Doug Cassina (WDNR water specialist) stating that Max Wolter (area fishing specialist) received a permit for placement of a structure on the Spider Lake Chain including Clear Lake. Hucker passed this information to Steve Smith of the SCLA so he can follow up with Wolter. Patrick Delaney (SCLA board member) advised that this permit is for the downed trees on Picnic Island and an island in Clear Lake. The timber will be placed in the lake.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot to reappoint Jo Mazik as the Secretary to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a three year term (3-13-2017/3-13-2020). All in favor. Motion carried.

Plan & Review Commission Report

Hucker reported that a public hearing was held on 3-1-17 for proposed text amendments to the zoning ordinance regarding Short Term Rentals. There were no public comments made during the hearing. The Commission recommended that the town board adopt the proposed changes to the zoning ordinance as outlined in the published notice. Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot to adopt the proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance as described in the public notice. All in favor. Motion carried. 4 yes and no nay votes. Hucker advised that there will likely have additional amendments to the zoning ordinance for the board’s consideration in April or May.

Hucker reported receiving the paperwork for the Lost Land Lake Public Access Site Easement. The document has been reviewed by the town’s attorney and has his approval. The easement also includes the relocation of the dry hydrant. To make the improvements at the Landing Camp Road boat landing, the WDNR needs to own the property or have an interest in it. It will be beneficial to the town that the WDNR will own and maintain the boat access on Landing Camp Road. The Commission, at their last meeting, recommended that the town board grant the easement to the WDNR. Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Cerman to accept the recommendation of the Plan & Review Commission to grant the easement to the WDNR and authorize the town chair to sign the easement on behalf of the town. All in favor. Motion carried.

Hucker reported the Commission discussed other zoning changes dealing with technical corrections regarding lighting, trailer camps and campgrounds, general standards for home occupation or professional offices and uses in Agricultural One District. A public hearing will be scheduled in April or May.

Zoning Administrator’s Report – No permits were issued in February. Boss is reviewing what will be a Class 2 Modification of the Norvado Cell tower off Brandt Road that will allow for the replacement of Norvado equipment with T-Mobile equipment. No conditional use permit is required.

Committee Reports

Roads – Hucker reported that there have been no new developments regarding the status of FEMA and USFS submittals for last year’s storm damage and has not seen any paperwork concerning the work needed on Rock Lake and Pederson Roads. He has signed a request for payment on the cleanup. The town has received one payment in the amount of $7,640.25 from the forest service. Hucker has still not heard anything regarding the second culvert on Upper A.

McGuiness reported that all equipment is operating properly at the present time. Matchett advised that the installation of the new sanders should be completed by March 17th.

McGuiness reported that the salt/sand shed passed inspection. An official notification has not yet been received.

McGuiness and Matchett attended an USFS meeting in Park Falls on March 1st. They were told that the federal highway administration has rejected the culvert replacement at Johnson Corner. Mike Martin (USFS) has advised that this decision is being challenged and a field review will take place this spring. Also, the town has been approved to receive $186,000.00 for flood damage to FR 622. Martin stated that preparations for design, contract and award are being made for the 2017-2018 field season.

A road committee meeting has been tentatively scheduled for March 21st at 1:00 PM.

Road bans are currently in effect. McGuiness was unable to reach Gedhart from the County for any further information.

Cerman is concerned about leaving the snow plows outside and questioned whether they could be stored in the salt/sand shed. Matchett stated that the shed is never empty and the salt/sand mixture is corrosive and would damage the plows.

Health & Safety – Fire Department Report – Fire Chief Nelson reported he is currently updating the working agreement with the forest service and is also working on the 2% dues certification. A motion detector light has been installed. The brush truck at station #2 has a battery problem. Discussion was held regarding whether or not it is cost beneficial to maintain this truck. A new truck would cost approximately $100,000.00. Cerman & Nelson will meet to discuss this matter further. The brush truck is listed as a resource for the forest service and the CWPP. Hucker stated that one of the town’s concerns is the viability of the volunteer fire departments as the number of volunteers is decreasing.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot to authorize the town chair to sign the Sawyer County Mutual Aid Plan. All in favor. Motion carried.

Hucker reported that the 2017 grant requests are still pending.

Clerk’s Report

An email was received regarding the use of town roads and any permits that may be needed to hold a Gran Fondo gravel bike race to be held on October 15, 2017. There will be three courses – 35 miles, 75 miles and 103 miles. This bike race will be raising money for the Wisconsin Bike Fed. A summary of the
proposed town roads to be utilized was presented. Mr. Schlabowski advised that he is currently working with the forest service to obtain permits to use forest roads. Discussion was held regarding whether town roads should be closed, the impact and/or liability to the town and that this race would take place during several hunting seasons. This will be placed on the May agenda with a representative attending the meeting to answer questions.

The Spring Election will be held on April 4, 2017.

The Annual Meeting will be held on April 18, 2017 at 6:00 PM.

Questions from Audience and Other Matters for Discussion Purposes Only
Pat Delaney advised the board that the County STR ordinance did not pass and to expect the ordinance coming back to the town for review.

Pat Delaney stated that he was in favor of bike races that serve the area economically; however races that are for profit should not receive the same consideration. Discussion was held.

Motion to adjourn was made by Huot and 2nd by McGuiness. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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