04/04/18 – Public Hearing Minutes

Minutes of Public Hearing
April 4, 2018
Town of Spider Lake
Sawyer County, WI
6:00 P.M.

The Purpose of this Public Hearing was to obtain public comments regarding a request for a Conditional Use Permit submitted by Land Owner: Totem Pole Lodge Condominium Association- Ralph Hlavin Owner requesting to repair existing boat launch ramp so that it is usable for boaters while the public boat launch ramp is under repair. Site address 9216W Brandt Road, Located in the SW 1/4 – NW 1/4, Sec 29, T42N, R6W., Totem Pole Condo Lot 2.

The meeting was called to order by Hucker at 6:00 p.m. All commission members were in attendance, with the exception of Brandt. Alternate Thearin, along with Secretary Tripodi and Zoning Administrator Boss were also present. Alternate Thearin sat in for Brandt. Hucker opened the public comments section. (The sign-in sheet will be attached to the minutes.). The notice was published in the Sawyer County Record on 3-21-2018, and 3-28-2018. There are eleven property owners within 500 feet of the property. Once the public input segment is complete, the PRC will deliberate on the proposal.

Patrick Delaney expressed concern for the invasive species control, in regards to adding more access to the lake by boat launch ramps.

Dave Neuswanger represented the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association gave testimony that the public boat launch ramp for Lost Land Lake and Teal Lake will be out of service during the time from July 16th to approximately August 19th. Mr. Neuswanger explained that while the public boat launch is under repair Ralph Hlavin from the Totem Pole Lodge offered to open their boat launch ramp to the public. The current boat launch ramp at the Totem Pole Lodge is in disrepair. The site plan was provided to the Town shortly before the hearing began. The DNR would be issuing a General Permit under the condition that the public is given free public access during the time the public boat launch ramp is under repair. The DNR is also offering to post signs to help reroute traffic. After the work is complete, Mr. Hlavin could charge a nominal fee for use of the launch site. Mr. Neuswanger indicated that based upon his training over the years and work with the WDNR that he saw nothing to suggest that the proposed repair would adversely affect the lake water.

He also described what the WDNR repair will be.

Boss stated that out of the eleven notices sent out to adjoining property owners, 5 were not returned, 4 do not object, 1 objected with comment, and Sawyer County also provided comments. Boss summarized the comments. All written comments will be attached to the minutes.

Thearin questioned what was going to be done to facilitate launching of larger boats at the proposed site. The contractor indicated that there would be some dredging as permitted by the WDNR.

There was substantial discussion, including some discussion of potential conditions that would be applied to the permit. These conditions would include:

1. Setting a time limit or expiration date on the CUP as the county has done in some cases;
2. That the conditions of this CUP are binding upon any heirs, successors or assignees. In the event of the sale or transfer of the property, the land owner or successors will disclose the existence of the CUP to any prospective buyers.
3. The CUP itself will be recorded with the Sawyer County Register of Deeds and a copy of the recorded CUP shall be provided to the Spider Lake Zoning Administrator;
4. A mitigation plan developed with the assistance of Sawyer County will be provided;
5. Development will be in accordance with the site plan provided to Boss;
6. No parking will be allowed within 35 feet of the shoreline;
7. If any of the conditions of this permit are violated, the CUP may be revoked by the Town Board and the land owner is subject to the fines, forfeitures, and penalties as allowed by law

Before Boss can issue a Conditional Use Permit he will need to be supplied with disclosure, location of signage, mitigation plan, and an accurate drawing of the parking area and turn around area.

After further discussion a motion was made to table until the May 2nd meeting. Motion carried 5-0.

Chelsea Tripodi

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