04/17/18 – Town of Spider Lake Annual Town Meeting


The Town of Spider Lake Annual Town meeting of the Electors was called to order by Town Chair Hucker at 6:00 PM. Fifteen electors, which included five elected officials, and the fire chief were present. Clerk Ferda and Treasurer Overman were absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The minutes of the Annual Town meeting held on 4-18-17 were reviewed. Motion was made by Patrick Delaney and 2nd by Peter Huot to approve the minutes. All in favor. Motion carried. 15 aye votes and no nay votes.

The 2017 financial report that was distributed to the electors was reviewed. Hucker noted that the 2017 budget carried through as anticipated. There is a concern of the projected cost for repairs on Town Hall Rd. which are going to be significant. Hopefully, enough funds have been budgeted in 2018 to proceed as long as clarification is received from the engineers to the town’s satisfaction. Since the last town board meeting, a report has been received that is less than clear in terms of what the engineers are going to propose and the risks for differential settlement and at what magnitude. The engineers have been advised that the board doesn’t want what has happened to County Road A. As a result, the engineers are reviewing several different options but have not made a recommendation at this time. This is still in the theoretical phase based on the soil borings taken last year. Hucker asked if any electors had questions regarding the revenues or expenses.

Hucker updated the Landing Camp boat access project. The DNR will start construction on July 15th and construction will take four to six weeks and possibly up to eight weeks. The town is requesting that a replacement dry hydrant be installed for the fire department if there are enough funds. The DNR has asked that the town assist with signage limiting traffic on Landing Camp Rd. to local traffic only. The DNR will provide reroute signs if approved by the Plan Commission and the town board next month. Huot stated he would not push for the installation of a dry hydrant as it is a lot of upkeep for the fire department. Chief Nelson advised that dry hydrants can be problematic; however, due to state grant funding to help fire departments access water, certain dry hydrants must be maintained. Hucker reported that the DNR will install a kiosk for DNR and town information to be posted. Charlie Brandt asked since the parking lot will be blacktopped, is Landing Camp Rd. going to be blacktopped at the same time. Hucker replied that it is not in the Town’s plan to blacktop Landing Camp at this time. The boat ramp will be concrete.

Sara Delaney asked what the options are for Town Hall Road. Option 1 is to lift the road and add aggregate to see what the differential settlement would be. This is basically what was done on County Road A. Option
2 would use geo fabric in selective spots where the greatest weaknesses are. This process would cost approximately $200,000.00. Option 3 would use geo fabric on the entire area (approx. ½ mile) which would
cost approximately $600,000.00. Hucker stated that the engineers are debating what the relative differential would be if Option 2 was selected. The lake elevation also plays a role. More discussion continued.

Jim Nickel asked if any funds were allocated in the 2018 budget to improve communications. Hucker reported funds have been allocated in the fire department budget and he has learned through meetings that it will cost more than originally anticipated. The board is currently waiting on a study to see what coverage can be anticipated.

Motion to adjourn was made by Charlie Brandt and 2nd by Huot. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

Click the link below to download the minutes as a PDF