04/24/18 – Road Committee Meeting Minutes

APRIL 24, 2018

The Town of Spider Lake Road Committee meeting was called to order by Committee Chair McGuiness at 2:00 PM. Present were McGuiness, Hucker, Brandt, Lead Worker Mark Matchett and his assistant Lee Nelson. Clerk Ferda was absent.

Summer Road Projects – Discussion was held regarding road projects. McGuiness reported that FR 205 (Upper A) and the Town Hall Rd. project should be done this year. McGuiness advised that $256,000.00 has been allocated this year for new construction and approximately $192,000.00 has been earmarked for the Town Hall Rd. project. Hucker stated that most of what has been allocated would be spent on the Town Hall Rd. project. Hucker stated that it is hard to plan because of the uncertainty of whether Town Hall Rd. will be done this year. McGuiness stated that there are many roads that need to crack sealed or chip sealed. There would be approximately $55,000.00 left for other projects and the $15,000.00 dollars received from FEMA could be allocated to the new construction and maintenance line item. Also, there is a small additional overall surplus that could be allocated. Matchett reported that the engineers will have preliminary plans with quantities and cost estimates ready for the town board to review at the May meeting. It was suggested holding another road committee meeting to review options with the engineers before the May board meeting. Hucker stated that he is not real satisfied or confident with the information received so far. Not sure if there is a solution to the problem. More discussion continued. A road committee meeting will be tentatively scheduled for May 7th to review the options with the engineers again. McGuiness stated that any remaining funds should be earmarked for crack and chip sealing. Matchett suggesting crack sealing the newer paved roads such as Clear Lake and Brandt to preserve them. He stated that there is a new large crack on the new paved section of Murphy Blvd. Hucker advised that Greg Grossi requested that the corner at the end of Balsam Rd. that has collapsed be patched before it spreads. Matchett will prioritize what roads needs crack sealing or chip sealing before the May 7th meeting. Another possibility is to blacktop Landing Camp Rd. after the DNR is finished with the boat access repairs. Brandt advised that Upper A is falling apart by the old town hall. Matchett advised that the gravel roads in the town need more gravel. Also the forest roads need gravel.

Discussion was held regarding the extensive repairs to the Ford pick-up. The pump is now being replaced at a cost of $700 to $800.00.

Inquiry from Milestone Materials regarding gravel – Gravel was purchased two years ago from Milestone Materials; however, Milestone did not crush the gravel as stated in the contract because they did not have a crusher in the area. At the time, Milestone advised Matchett to use its pile that was crushed and keep track of what the town uses which Matchett did not want to do. Hucker asked why the gravel was paid for before it was crushed. A representative from Milestone has contacted the town and the gravel should be crushed shortly.

Invoice from Jump River Electric – An invoice in the amount of $4,228.00 has been received from Jump River Electric. While pushing back snow with the end loader on Balsam Rd. and Rich’s driveway, an electrical power pedestal that was buried under the snow was damaged. There was no whip antenna or marker on the pedestal. Hucker advised that any incidents must be reported when they happen. It must be reported to the insurance company in a timely manner.

Hucker advised he has sent a note to Don Slattery about the signage regarding the Land Camp boat access reconstruction but has not heard back. He stated that he received a call from a family on Morgan Rd. who feel strongly that the detour route should be on Upper A and not on Morgan Rd. Hucker noted that people coming from the east will still use Morgan instead of Upper A because it is a shorter route.

Discussion was held regarding town right-of-ways for the brushing of town roads. Nelson advised that in order to brush roads, the right-of-way must be known. Hucker stated that it would vary from place to place. Nelson will contact the county and Steve Boss for information. Hucker noted that any 2019 grants for fuels reduction must be very specific. Hucker also noted that dates for brush clean-up will be announced shortly.

Hucker & Brandt met with Dale Mrotek regarding the expansion of the solid waste site. Mrotek will submit a proposal and any soil that is removed from the site will be taken to the Trapp Rd. dump site.

Motion to adjourn was made by Brandt and 2nd by Hucker. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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