04/10/12 – Annual Town Meeting Minutes


The Town of Spider Lake Annual Town meeting of the Electors was called to order by Town Chair Hucker at 7:00 PM. Sixteen electors, which included six elected officials, were present. Supervisor Meyer was absent.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The minutes of the Annual Town Meeting held 4-12-2011 were reviewed. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Mary Witt and 2nd by Carol Alcoe. All in favor. Motion carried. 16 aye votes and no nay votes.

Ferda reviewed the two financial reports that were distributed to the electors. All state financial reports have been filed with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Hucker advised that adjustments have been made to the 2012 budget. He advised the projected cost of the new fire truck is approximately $7,500.00 more than was originally budgeted. Due to a larger surplus at the end of 2011 than expected, additional funds were allocated for the truck. Additional surplus funds may also be allocated to road construction. Reconstruction of a portion of Brandt Road will take place this summer and the additional surplus funds may allow for a larger portion of the road to be completed than originally expected.

The Board budgeted $500.00 for donations. A motion was made by Jerry Ferda to donate $500.00 to the Sawyer County Canine Initiative. The motion failed as there was no second. Discussion was then held regarding the different organizations the town has donated to in the past such as the Spider Lake Cemetery and the Hayward Library. The Sawyer County Canine Initiative was also discussed. A motion to donate $300.00 to the Sawyer County Canine Initiative and $200.00 to the Hayward Library Foundation was made by Kay Hucker and 2nd by Jo Mazik. All in favor. Motion carried. 16 aye votes and no nay votes.

Due to election law changes, the Board adopted an ordinance extending the terms of offices for elected officials by one week. This requires that the annual meeting must now be held on the third Tuesday in April instead of the second Tuesday. A motion to hold the 2013 annual meeting on April 16, 2013 beginning at 6:00 p.m. was made by Mary Witt and 2nd by Mickie McGuiness. All in favor. Motion carried. 16 yes and no nay votes.

Mary Witt commended the town board, road crew and the clerk on a job well done.

Supervisor Brandt asked the electors their opinion regarding the white goods collection held at the solid waste site during the summer months. He advised that Best Choice Recycling in Hayward will pay the owner for these items instead of the owner paying the town to dispose of them. After discussion, it was decided to keep the white goods program for at least another year. Brandt advised that there is no charge for organizations that pick up trash along the roadways.

Case Mazik reported that a stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer have been dumped in the woods along Morgan Road. Hucker advised them to talk to Supervisor McGuiness after the meeting. Hucker reported a problem with a property that is being foreclosed. Trash has been left on the property and debris has blown onto Pederson Road. The absence of a nuisance ordinance makes it more difficult for the town to compel persons to remove the trash from the property. As the bank does not own the property until ten days after the sheriff’s sale, they also cannot remove the trash at this time. Hucker asked that anyone seeing hazardous drums on a property to contact the town immediately so that the DNR can be contacted.

Jo Mazik inquired whether or not her flyer that was passed out at the solid waste site last summer asking people to save their aluminum cans for the fire department had any affect. Hucker advised that he did not think so as the recycling bins are still full of pop cans. It was suggested that a notice be placed on the website and in the letter the fire department sends to property owners.

Fire Chief D. Brandt advised that the annual raffle tickets can no longer be sent through the mail. The tickets will be on sale at area restaurants, businesses, etc. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets can send their money to the fire department at 13180N Empire Road, Hayward.

Fire Chief Brandt reported on the Community Wildfire Protection Plan Program. Participants are the US Forest Service, the DNR, the Town of Spider Lake, the Town of Cable, the Town of Namakegon, and portions of the Towns of Gordon and Shanagolden. Some of the issues being discussed are fire prevention, wildfire risk, hazardous fuels reduction, structural vulnerability, suppression capability and outreach. The Spider Chain of Lakes Association, the Quiet Lakes Associations, resort owners and the ATV alliance have been invited to attend meetings. The next meeting will be held 4-12-12 at the Spider Lake Town Hall at 6:00 p.m.

Hucker reported that the fire danger is very high at this time and is close to reaching red flag warning status. A reference guide will be posted on the town’s website and at the three posting locations in town. Even though fire permits can be obtained on line, the fire status should be checked daily before burning. The fire warning is updated daily at 11:00 AM.

Joe Lahti spoke regarding a violation he received in December of 2011 and that the board met without having him present to discuss his position. If the violation stands, it will cost him $100,000.00. When there is a material financial impact, a fair practice would be to notify the homeowner. He stated that there should be enhanced education for any employees speaking on behalf of the town. When he asked Steve Boss what the process was for appeal, Boss told him there was no appeal process and he would have to take the matter to court. He feels that employees should know the facts. He stated he hired an attorney and was informed that there was in fact an appeal process. The appeal took four months which in his opinion is not a timely appeal process. It exposed his property to the elements resulting in more damage. Hucker advised Mr. Lahti that his comments should be addressed to the Plan & Review Commission. Hucker stated that the Zoning Administrator has the authority to issue an administrative order anytime he feels a violation of the ordinance has occurred. Hucker advised Mr. Lahti that his representative was present at the meeting. Hucker said he believed the amount of time taken for the appeal was due to the attorneys agreeing on a date. Mr. Lahti responded by saying they were willing to meet in January or February. Hucker stated there is always room to improve communication.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mary Witt and 2nd by Dolores Brandt. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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