05/02/18 – Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Spider Lake
Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2018

The Plan and Review Commission meeting was called to order by Chair Hucker at approximately 6:00 p.m. with Mazik, Ross, Hucker, alternate Thearin along with Secretary Tripodi and Zoning Administrator Boss. Thearin will sit as Cerman and Brandt were absent.

Pledge of Allegiance

There is a correction to the Public Hearing Minutes from the 4-4-18 meeting. For the conditions page 2, number 7 in the parenthesis there is not a bathroom included in the Totem Pole Lodge CUP. Motion made by Mazik and seconded by Ross approve the 4-4-18 public hearing minutes as amended and the meeting minutes. MC 4-0

Totem Pole Lodge CUP Request

This matter was tabled to this meeting from the 4-4-18 public hearing. Request for a Conditional Use Permit to repair the existing boat launch ramp so that it will be usable for boaters while the public boat launch ramp is under repair. Boss handed out an updated site plan. The site plan will be recorded with the Sawyer County Register of Deeds along with the CUP.

After considerable discussion a motion was made by Mazik and seconded by Thearin, to recommend to the Town Board that it approve a Conditional Use Permit for the Totem Pole Lodge Condominium Association – Ralph Hlavin Owner subject to the following conditions:

  1.  Setting an expiration date of 10 years to revisit or renew the CUP.
  2.  That the conditions of this CUP are binding upon any heirs, successors or assignees. In the event of the sale or transfer of the property, the landowner or successors will disclose the existence of the CUP to any prospective buyers.
  3. The CUP itself will be recorded with the Sawyer County Register of Deeds and a copy of the recorded CUP shall be provided to the Spider Lake Zoning Administrator.
  4.  A mitigation plan developed with the assistance of Sawyer County will be provided to the Zoning Administrator and approved by him.
  5. Development will be in accordance with the site plan provided to the Zoning Administrator.
  6. No parking will be allowed within 35 feet of the shoreline.
  7. If any of the conditions of this permit are violated, the CUP may be revoked by the Town Board (resulting in the removal of the boat launch ramp at the owner’s expense) and the landowner is subject to the fines, forfeitures, and penalties as allowed by law.

MC 4-0

Discussion Regarding Comprehensive Plan Update

The Northwest Planning Commission is currently working on the revisions to the town’s Comprehensive Plan. The Plan and Review Commission encourages the public to review the plan and bring forward any ideas you have for the updated plan. You can email them to Chris Ferda. There will be a public hearing scheduled during the summer months. The current Comprehensive plan can be found online on the Town of Spider Lake website under Select Town Ordinances.

Zoning Administrator Report

Boss handed out his monthly report. There were no Non-Shoreline Land Use Permits. Three Land Use Shoreland Permits, and one Demolition permits.

Any Other Business That May Come Before the Commission for Discussion

There were none.

Motion to adjourn by Ross and seconded by Thearin, MC 4-0

Chelsea Tripodi Secretary

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