05/07/18 – Road Committee Meeting Minutes

MAY 7, 2018

The Town of Spider Lake Road Committee meeting was called to order by Committee Chair McGuiness at 2:00 PM. Present were McGuiness, Hucker, Brandt, Lead Worker Mark Matchett and Gary Colbert and Heather Harrington from NWBE. Clerk Ferda was absent.

Gary Colbert, an engineer from Northern Wisconsin Based Engineers, presented the design work for road improvements on Town Hall Road. At a previous meeting, seven different alternatives were presented for the road improvements. At that time, it was narrowed down to alternative #6 or #7. The less expensive alternative is $108,000.00 and the more expensive alternative is $192,000.00. Colbert stated that a blend of both alternatives were used to proceed with the design with the cost being somewhere between the two estimates. A wetland delineation was performed. Discussion was held with a geo/technical engineer about raising the road bed and settlement. The wetland impacts were significantly above the 10,000 square foot limit and beyond 10,000 square feet, the DNR requires wetland mitigation. Wetland mitigation is extremely expensive. The cost is estimated at $75,000.00 to $90,000.00 per acre with a ten year inspection monitoring period. A spruce type swamp with an anticipated ratio of 3 to 1, a ½ half acre must be mitigated for an acre and ½. There is roughly over ½ acre with the original pavement structure design which could be under 10,000 square feet by reducing the height of the pavement structure where the water is over the road and doing less improvements to the areas with an 8” lift. This would reduce the square feet to 9,700 so there would be no need for wetland mitigation for this project. If the project would be spread over two years, the DNR would consider it a single project, back to back years. For areas where water is on the road, Colbert is proposing 12” of select crushed material left on top of the pavement and another 6” of gravel on top of that and 2 ½” of asphalt. It would be 20 feet wide asphalt with the shoulders being reduced to 2 ½” feet instead of 3 foot shoulders. On the north end, which is the worst, the hills would be leveled straight across. The south end (900 ft. south of Nelson Rd.) where there is water on the road would receive crushed material lift and the remainder of the spruce swamp area would receive 2 ½” asphalt. Half of the road would be raised, a pipe installed under the road and the other half would remain the same elevation. In five to ten years, if that part settles, the town could address it at that time and it would be a separate project. The plans were reviewed and discussion was held. Hucker is concerned that the potential is there to encounter the same problems the county has had on County Road A and does not want to risk spending $200,000.00 or more and two years later the same problems exist. Colbert stated that without total excavation, it is a risk that settlement can occur. The geotechnical engineer has advised that after reviewing the soil borings, the best estimate would be 1-2” of settlement over five years with the amount of material being proposed. It will settle where it is the weakest. Geogrid will be used to help prevent settling and displacement. Addressing the two areas where water is over the road and leaving the road graveled for a year to see if there is settlement is a viable option. Paving could be done next year. An estimated time for construction is six weeks. An estimated cost for this proposal is $165,000.00. Motion was made by Hucker and 2nd by Brandt to recommend to the town board to accept the proposed estimate. All in favor. Motion carried.

Matchett reported that the town owns a little more than half of the gravel pile in the pit. The town could purchase the rest of the pile, approximately 7,000 tons, at an estimated cost of $43,400.00. Bids would have to be advertised and the budget reviewed to see if the funds are available.

Matchett reported that Farhner reviewed the last five miles of roads that were paved in the town. To crack seal all of Clear Lake and the first two miles of both Brandt Rd. and Murphy Blvd. would be an estimated cost of $13,000.00.

For budgeting purposes, Matchett presented a cost estimate sheet for maintenance of town roads.
Hucker reported that the board will go into executive session at the May town board meeting to discuss the Jump River Electric claim and to discuss the Notice of Claim received regarding short-term rentals.

Motion to adjourn was made by Hucker and 2nd by Brandt. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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