06/06/18 – Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Spider Lake
Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2018

The Plan and Review Commission meeting was called to order by Chair Hucker at approximately 6:00 p.m. with Ross, Mazik, Hucker, Brandt along with Secretary Tripodi and Zoning Administrator Boss present. Cerman was absent.

Pledge of Allegiance

Motion made by Mazik and seconded by Ross to approve the 5-2-18 meeting minutes. MC 4-0

Certified Survey Map Review

Owner: William Boersma – Redivision of Lot 3 and 4 of CSM No. 8002, recorded in Vol. 31 on pages 183-185 Doc. No. 367803. Located in the NW ¼ – NW ¼ and Gov’t 4, Section 27, T. 42 N., R. 6 W. No Additional lots are being created, and both lots are vacant lands. Motion Made by Brandt, seconded by Mazik to approve Certified Survey Map redivision of Lot 3 and 4. MC 4-0

Zoning Administrator Report

Boss handed out his monthly report. There was one Non-Shoreline Land Use Permit, five Land Use Shoreland Permits, and one Driveway permit.

Review of Sawyer County’s proposed Metallic Mining Ordinance.

The Sawyer County Zoning Committee will be having a hearing on June 15th on its proposed non-metallic mining ordinance. In addition a copy of the sample ordinance for licensing and a handbook can be found on the Wisconsin Towns Association website. With the state law change in December, the moratorium on nonferrous mining will expire statewide on July 1. Municipalities (counties, etc.) have until July 1st to have an ordinance in place. Mining is regulated at the EPA level, the state level (WDNR) and may be regulated by municipalities. Motion made by Brandt, seconded by Mazik to make a recommendation to the Town Board that it is supportive of the Sawyer County Zoning Ordinance. MC 4-0

Discussion Regarding Comprehensive Plan Update

The Northwest Planning Commission is currently working on the revisions to the town’s Comprehensive Plan. The Plan and Review Commission encourages the public to review the plan and bring forward any ideas it has for the updated plan. You can email them to Chris Ferda. There will be a public hearing scheduled during the summer months. The current Comprehensive Plan can be found online on the Town of Spider Lake website under Select Town Ordinances.

Any Other Business That May Come Before the Commission for Discussion
The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation had the groundbreaking for the Samuel C. Johnson Family Outdoor Center on June 9th.

Motion to adjourn by Ross and seconded by Brandt, MC 4-0

Chelsea Tripodi Secretary

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