06/07/17 – Public Hearing Minutes

Minutes of Public Hearing
June 7, 2017
Town of Spider Lake
Sawyer County, WI
6:00 P.M.

The purpose of this Public Hearing was to obtain public input regarding a request for a Conditional Use Permit submitted by David and Felicia J. Boyd requesting permission to allow for plumbing in a new accessory structure building and for the Plan Commission to possibly take action on the request.

The hearing was called to order by Hucker at 6:00 P.M. All Commission members were in attendance along with alternate Smith and along with the Zoning Administrator Boss. Hucker noted that three people signed in (The sign-in sheet will be attached to the minutes.). Hucker noted that this is the opportunity for the public to speak to the proposed Conditional Use Permit. Once the public input segment is complete, the PRC will deliberate on the proposal.

Felicia Boyd spoke about the desire to demolish an existing structure. It was noted that the only issue requiring a CUP was adding plumbing to the proposed replacement structure rather than the demolition of the existing accessory structure or its replacement.

Boyd indicated that they needed plumbing because the family has a 225 lb Great Dane who could be washed in the proposed structure, water for watering flowers and for placement of a shower on the second level of the proposed structure. She wants office space where she can practice speaking out loud without interrupting her family (including 6 children). She also is a runner and would like the opportunity to be able to exercise, shower off and return to the work space.

The space would not be used for meeting with clients.

Jim Kerkow was also present to answer questions, but did not offer any testimony. No one else wished to make any comments and Hucker closed the public comment section.

Hucker noted that the Plan Commission had issued one or two conditional use permits for plumbing in an accessory structure and those CUPs were approved with conditions attached.

It was clarified that the plumbing would largely be for Felicia Boyd’s use. It would connect to the existing septic. It was noted that the drawings provided only showed connections for water on the second floor. A specific location was identified for a hose hook up on the first floor. It was marked on Boss’s original copy with an exterior wash station. In addition there would be a shower, sink and toilet on the upper level. Overall the structure meets dimensional requirements. Boss indicated that Donald Norton objected but no reason was given. Letters were sent out to adjacent landowners.

Hucker listed conditions under which the PRC might wish to allow the CUP:

1. The CUP is issued for a toilet, sink and shower on the second floor and an exterior hose connection as noted on the first floor only.

2. The land owner consents to periodic inspections by the Town of Spider Lake’s Zoning Administrator or the Zoning Administrator’s designee.

3. The conditions of this CUP are binding upon any heirs, successors or assignees. In the event of the sale or transfer of the property, the land owner or successors will disclose the existence of the CUP to any prospective buyers.

4. The CUP itself will be recorded with the Sawyer County Register of Deeds and a copy of the recorded CUP shall be provided to the Spider lake Zoning Administrator.

5. If any of the conditions of this permit are violated, the CUP may be revoked by the Town Board (resulting in the need to remove the toilet, the sink, the hose connection and the shower at the owner’s expense) and the land owner is subject to the fines, forfeitures, and penalties as allowed by law.

6. This proposed structure can only be used for permitted uses enumerated in Section 15.1 (Part I) for areas zoned RR-1.

7. The proposed structure will not be used as a location for lodging persons.

Motion was made by Brandt and seconded by Mazik to recommend approval subject to the foregoing conditions. After further questions and discussion relating to abiding by the conditions and not attempting to convert the accessory structure to a dwelling, a vote was taken with all in favor.

Motion carried.

The applicants indicated that there will be no problem with allowing inspections and they were advised that if there are any proposed changes to what was described and approved, the applicants need to contact the Zoning Administrator before making changes and likely would require a new permit.

The public hearing was concluded at about 6:45 PM.

Brian Hucker
PRC Chairman

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