08/08/18 – Board of Supervisors Monthly Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 8, 2018

The Town of Spider Lake Board of Supervisors monthly meeting was called to order by Town Chair Hucker at 7:00 PM. Present were Hucker, Brandt, McGuiness, Cerman, Huot, Clerk Ferda, Treasurer Overman and Lead Worker Matchett. Fire Chief Nelson was absent.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Cerman to approve the agenda. All in favor. Motion carried.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion was made by Brandt and 2nd by Cerman to approve the Town Board minutes of 7-11-18, the Road Committee minutes of 7-17-18 and the Plan & Review Commission minutes of 6-6-18. All in favor. Motion carried.

Overman presented the Treasurer’s report. July 2018 receipts were $78,111.20 and expenditures were $38,485.92 leaving a balance of $740,422.84.

The vouchers were presented for payment. Motion to approve checks numbered #023028 through #023067 (including EFT checks) in the amount of $32,189.00 was made by Brandt and 2nd by McGuiness. All in favor. Motion carried. Discussion was held regarding whether the tractor/mower is designed to cut limbs from trees and how wide the shoulders of the roads should be mowed.

Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by McGuiness to approve a temporary “Class B” picnic license (beer and wine) to the Spider Chain of Lakes Association for its picnic on September 2, 2018. All in favor. Motion carried.

A budget planning session has been scheduled for October 17th at 4:00 PM and if needed on October 24th at 4:00 PM.

Motion was by Brandt and 2nd by Cerman to authorize one elected official to attend the WTA’s annual convention on October 14 through October 16, 2018 and to authorize one elected official to attend the WTA workshop at Lakewoods in Cable on September 11, 2018. All in favor. Motion carried.

Hucker reported that he had no update on the status of the Lost Land Lake boat access project. Matchett reported that the boat ramp was closed approximately two weeks ago and construction started today. The work should be completed in approximately two weeks. The boat landing at Lost Land Lake Retreat is open.

Hucker introduced Resolution 2018-03. This resolution (requested by the WTA) is requesting that the governor and legislature develop a more permanent solution for transportation funding in the state. The WTA feels these kinds of resolutions have a meaningful impact on the legislature. Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt to adopt “Just Fix It” Transportation Resolution 2018-03. A roll call vote was taken. All in favor. Motion carried.

Plan & Review Commission Report
Hucker reported that the Commission reviewed the draft revisions to the town’s comprehensive plan with a representative from Northwest Regional Planning and made corrections. A notice must be published in the newspaper thirty days before a public hearing can be held. A public hearing will be scheduled for September 18, 2018 at 5 PM. A special Plan & Review Commission meeting will be scheduled to immediately follow the public hearing and a special Town Board meeting will be scheduled to immediately follow the special PRC meeting. The revised draft, when received, will be on the town’s website and can also be reviewed at the town hall by calling 715-462-3977.

Hucker reported that the Commission briefly reviewed the approved Sawyer County Metallic Mining Ordinance. The town’s zoning ordinance sections that deals with metallic mining will need to be reviewed and an ordinance passed that will be at least as restrictive as the county’s. Based on the Commission’s discussion, Hucker has authorized the town’s attorney to start revising the county’s version and to possibly have a draft at September’s PRC meeting. If the draft is acceptable, a public hearing will be scheduled in October.

Zoning Staffing – Hucker reported that one person has been contacted and another person will be contacted as possible replacements for Steve Boss as Zoning Administrator. Boss has indicated that he is willing to stay on as an assistant zoning administrator and plans at this point to stay on as UDC inspector.

Committee Reports
Roads – Equipment Status – Matchett reported that tires have been ordered for the pickup truck and one tire has been ordered for the grader. Matchett reported that the backhoe controls were sticking and he didn’t feel it would be safe to use it to install the three culverts that were furnished by the forest service. He submitted a proposal from J-R Excavating for the installation of the culverts. Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by McGuiness to accept the proposal in the amount of $1,500.00. All in favor. Motion carried. The road crew will haul the gravel.

Status of Town Hall Rd. Project – Hucker reported that project engineer was authorized to sign off on the contract and that has been completed. There will be some changes that should lower the costs for aggregate and flagging. Hucker noted that the DNR is still reviewing whether or not an exotic aquatic plant exists in this area. Approval is still needed from the Core of Engineers.

Hucker reported that Lead Worker Matchett has resigned effective September 30th. The town will be accepting applications for this position. An ad will be published in the Sawyer County Record today.
Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt to end the probationary period for part-time road employee Robert Hamblin as of August 4, 2018. All in favor. Motion carried.

Huot asked if the washout at the end of Murphy Blvd. will be repaired. Matchett advised that that area will be graded and more straw bales will be placed to help stop the erosion.

Health & Safety – Fire Department Report – In the absence of Fire Chief Nelson, Cerman presented the report. Parts to repair the fire truck sitting in the town hall parking lot are on backorder. The light control box which controls the lights and sirens melted. There is one new member and one pending member. Two others from the community are interested in joining the department. The fire dept. participated in a controlled burn at a house on Twin Lakes Rd. There was a good turnout for the picnic. Three hundred to three hundred twenty-five meals were served. The net profit is $6,969.80 (including contributions).

Regarding communications, Hucker reported that a meeting was held with the Forest Service, Round Lake and Spider Lake. Options were discussed. An application has been submitted to the forest service for the possible addition of a repeater to the forest service antenna. The cost will be shared by Round Lake and Spider Lake. A propagation study will be done at the potential site and discussion was held regarding type of equipment will be required. Because of the potential cost of placing the repeater on either the Round Lake or Spider Lake tower, another possibility would be to find a spot that would work in either Round Lake or Spider Lake and put up a very long pole with an antenna on top. DSC advised that depending on the placement and geography, this could be an alternative plan and it would be a lot less expensive.

Hucker reported that he has received the 2019 grant application. Input from the road crew is needed as next year’s right-of-way grant must be very specific on what will be done.

Fall brush days will be from August 30th through September 21st from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Solid Waste – Brandt reported that he spoke with a representative from Republic Services regarding the new contract. It was to be emailed to the town before the meeting but was not received. He will contact Republic again about the contract and the status on the bear proof dumpster. He reported that the annual recycling report was accepted by the state.

Discussion was held regarding the reinstallation of the electric fence. Cerman will make arrangements for either an electrician or fencing company to install the fence.

Clerk’s Report
Other Correspondence – A letter was received from the Sawyer County Highway Department regarding County Bridge/Culvert Aid for 2019. The town does not meet the criteria for aid.

A letter was received from Century Link advising that construction of telephone facilities would begin on
8-27-18 on Upper A Rd. at the north end near Lost Land Lake. Matchett will review and report back to McGuiness.

A reminder that a primary election will be held on August 14th. Polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM.

Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Cerman to adjourn. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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