08/31/17 – Road Committee Meeting Minutes

AUGUST 31, 2017

The Town of Spider Lake Road Committee meeting was called to order by Committee Chair McGuiness at 2:00 PM. Present were McGuiness, Hucker, Brandt, Clerk Ferda and Lead Worker Mark Matchett.

Update on Town Hall Road Project – Heather Harrington and Gary Colbert, representatives from Northern Wisconsin Based Engineers, were present. Hucker reported that after reading the report, received today, from NWBE regarding the borings and after skimming through suggested alternatives, he is concerned that the potential is there to encounter the same problems the county has had on County Road A. Harrington stated that cutting and removing the marsh is the ideal way to fix the problem, but it is cost prohibitive. An alternative solution would be to put in a lift and elevate the roadway so that any possible drainage is off the roadway. This could sit over a winter season before paving to give it time to compress and settle. A preliminary cost study (list attached) for the rehab of the road with seven design alternatives was presented to the committee for review. Colbert explained the seven options. A wetland delineation would need to be performed unless option #1 is selected. A proposal for delineation has been received from Wetlands and Waterways, LLC in the amount of $5,968.00. A lengthy discussion followed. Brandt suggested option #2 or #6. McGuiness suggested option #6 or #7. Hucker suggested option #7 as it would more likely address all identified issues. It was noted that a combination of options could be used. Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Hucker to recommend to the town board to select option #7 as needed. All in favor. Motion carried. Harrington will submit a final design proposal for option #7 before the September town board meeting.

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 19.85(1)(c) Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction, the purpose being to discuss the hiring of a part-time employee, at 3:00 PM, a motion was made by Hucker and 2nd by Brandt for the Town of Spider Lake Road Committee to move in and out of executive session and to reconvene in open session as the agenda notice states to act on any items from the executive session if necessary and to proceed with other items on the agenda and also to recommend that Matchett participate in the executive session as a needed person. Motion carried. 3 yes and no nay votes. The Road Committee, Clerk and Lead Worker met in executive session. At 3:30 PM, a motion was made by Hucker and 2nd by Brandt to reconvene in open session to act on any items from the executive session and to proceed with other items on the agenda. Motion carried. 3 yes and no nay votes. Motion was made by Hucker and 2nd by McGuiness to recommend to the town board that the town seek to employ a part-time person who would be guaranteed 800 hours per year minimum at $18.00 per hour probationary rate for six months and if acceptable after six months, the rate would be raised to $19.50 per hour. Hucker stated that for clarity, this individual could work as much as sixteen hours per week on average, but because of the needs of the town, it would be preferable to set it as an annual minimum payment rather than a weekly or monthly payment because the needs vary considerably due to weather conditions, vacation schedules, medical leave, etc. Motion carried. 3 yes and no nay votes.

Status of Other Road Projects – Matchett reported that the Murphy Blvd./Balsam Rd. project should be paved in approximately two weeks, weather permitting. Hucker stated that the town should receive at least a 72 hour notice if the road needs to be closed and how long it will need to be closed. Matchett has not received a call back from Dale Mrotek regarding the work on Pederson Rd. and Rock Lake Rd., but stated that Mrotek is aware that this work must be completed this season. There is nothing new to report on FR 205. Matchett reported that the beavers have again plugged the culvert at Johnson Corner and water was running across FR 205 (Upper A). The water was up seven feet to the bottom of the culvert and has now dropped to one foot below the top of the culvert. There was a five foot drop in approximately four hours. Hucker stated he received an email before the meeting from Mark Koshak (USFS) advising that the two culverts (FR 203 & 328) that were to be replaced this year will be delayed until next year. Hucker reported that there is nothing new to report from FEMA. Hucker has not heard when the work will begin on the Lost Land Lake boat ramp.

2017 and 2018 HMP Grants Discussion – Hucker reported that the 2018 grants must be submitted by the end of September. Because of the grant source for 2017, Hucker was advised that any remaining dollars from the brush grant can be applied to the fuels reduction component of the grant because it was approved as a single “purchase order” in the DNR process.

The WISLR packet has been received and the report must be submitted to the state by October 13th.

Motion to adjourn was made by Brandt and 2nd by Hucker. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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