09/18/18 – Public Hearing Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Public Hearing
September 18, 2018
Town of Spider Lake
Sawyer County, WI
5:00 P.M.

The Purpose of this Public Hearing was to obtain public comments regarding the 2018 Comprehensive Plan. The meeting was called to order by Chair Hucker at approximately 5:00 p.m. with Cerman, Brandt, Mazik, Hucker, along with Secretary Tripodi present. Ross & Boss were absent. Hucker opened the public comment section.

Sue Gorski expressed that she would like to see the table of contents expanded, and would like to see a glossary added. She also requested a document of the changes that were made from the 2008 comprehensive plan. In closing under communication, she would like to see a plan for a productive cell tower in the area.

Bobbie Huot asked for a clearer description of the “Northwoods Character”. She also raised a question about whether logging companies should have been consulted regarding revising the Comprehensive Plan. In closing, she asked for a description of the “Premier Resort Area” tax found on page 89.

A written comment was sent in by Robert Bohde. He expressed concern about the speed limits and no-wake laws being enforced on the Quiet Lakes. He asked why the DNR does not provide monitoring at the Public Boat Launch Ramp for AIS. He expressed concern about cell tower service, and in closing he expressed concern about electric and internet speed.

The public hearing was closed at approximately 5:10 PM.

Chelsea Tripodi Plan Commission Secretary

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