09/26/18 – Road Committee Meeting Minutes

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

The Town of Spider Lake Road Committee meeting was called to order by Committee Chair McGuiness at 2:00 PM. Present were McGuiness, Brandt, Clerk Ferda and Road Crew Workers Mark Matchett and Don Fogal. Hucker was absent.

Discussion regarding the 2018 and 2019 budgets – Matchett reported that approximately $15,000.00 is needed for cutting edges for the plows, new tires and a bushing for Truck 3. The Operations & Equipment Repair line item in the 2018 will need to be amended. Brandt suggested budgeting $35,000.00 in the 2019 budget for this line item. The Fuel, Utilities & Supplies line item (2018) may also need an amendment by the end of the year. Matchett reported that four culverts should be replaced next year. Matchett & Fogal noted that crack sealing should be done next year on approximately five miles of newly paved roads to preserve them. If the paved roads are not maintained, they will deteriorate. Matchett reported that in the last six years, three miles of road have been paved. A priority list should be compiled on the fifty miles of blacktopped roads in the town. Brandt suggested increasing the 2019 Road Construction & Maintenance line item.

Update on Road Projects – Matchett reported that Town Hall Rd. should be paved next week and shouldering would be done as soon as the paving is completed. Both Matchett and Fogal are concerned that the culverts on Town Hall Rd. were installed under water. If the culverts are in too deep, the ends of the culverts may not be accessible and it could also cause erosion. Matchett reported that he doesn’t believe NWBE was on site for the first four or five days during construction.

There is no update from the forest service regarding the culvert installation on Upper A (FR 205).

Lake Helane Rd. & Preston Rd. have been reshaped, graded and gravel has been added. Fogal is currently reshaping Rock Lake Rd.

A small amount of gravel has been purchased from the Town of Lenroot to use as shoulder extensions on Murphy Blvd. and Brandt Rd. to prevent erosion.

Brandt stated that work on Landing Camp Rd. should be done in 2019.

After operating the backhoe, Fogal advised that it is too dangerous to use in a work setting. It could not be operated near utility lines or workers. He suggested the possibility of renting a backhoe if one is needed. He also noted that a shoulder attachment for the grader would be advantageous. He agreed with Brandt that the mower should be used all year long.

Motion to adjourn was made by Brandt and 2nd by McGuiness. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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