10/10/18 – Board of Supervisors Monthly Mtg Minutes

OCTOBER 10, 2018

The Town of Spider Lake Board of Supervisors monthly meeting was called to order by Town Chair Hucker at 7:00 PM. Present were Hucker, Brandt, McGuiness, Cerman, Huot, Clerk Ferda, Treasurer Overman,
Fire Chief Nelson and Lead Worker Fogal.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Cerman to approve the agenda. All in favor. Motion carried.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Sawyer County Sheriff, Doug Mrotek, gave a presentation regarding the following topics: the drug epidemic (meth, heroin & opioids), the jail population, radio communications and the enforcement of boating and ATV ordinances.

Motion was made by Cerman and 2nd by Brandt to approve the Town Board minutes of 9-12-18 & 9-18-18, the Plan & Review Commission minutes of 9-5-18 & 9-18-18 (including Public Hearing minutes of 9-18-18), the Road Committee minutes of 9-5-18 & 9-26-18. All in favor. Motion carried.

Overman presented the Treasurer’s report. September 2018 receipts were $5,018.22 and expenditures
were $40,996.99 leaving a balance of $762,442.51.

The vouchers were presented for payment. Motion to approve checks numbered #023123 through
#023186 (including EFT checks) in the amount of $39,238.11 was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot.
All in favor. Motion carried.

Ferda presented the 3rd quarter budget report. The solid waste and recycling budget and the Operations & Equipment Repair Parts line item in the roads budget need to be amended due to shortfalls. Wages and
the Fuel, Utilities & Supplies line items in the roads budget could face shortfalls by years end. The
transition from Boss to a new Zoning Administrator could result in a shortfall in the zoning budget.
Revenues received to date are a little above what was anticipated.

Motion was made by Brandt and 2nd by Huot to adopt Resolution #2018-05 (copy attached) amending the 2018 budget by transferring $2,500.00 from the Solid Waste Expansion line item to the Solid Waste Recycling line item, by transferring $500.00 from the Solid Waste Expansion line item to the Solid Waste Collection line item and by transferring $5,000.00 from the Capital Reserve & Contingency line item to the Operations & Equipment Repair line item in the Roads budget. All in favor. Motion carried.

The Budget Public Hearing, the Special Elector meeting and the Special Town Board meeting to approve
the 2019 budget will be held on November 14th beginning at 6:00 PM. The regular monthly meeting will also be held on this date immediately following the other meetings.

Fogal reported that the Lost Land Lake boat access is now open. The parking lot has been graveled;
however, Landing Camp Rd. is in poor shape. Discussion was held regarding options to repair the road.

Committee meetings have been scheduled as follows: Health & Safety will meet on October 15th at 2:00 PM. The Road Committee will meet immediately following the Health & Safety meeting and the Solid Waste Committee will meet immediately following the Road Committee meeting.

Hucker reported on the County LEPC meeting he attended on October 3rd. Minor amendments were made to by by-laws. Grant money is available and will be used for the development of the updated Hazard
Mitigation Plan that the County maintains. Discussion was held with the new person responsible for the
ambulance service, radio communications, drug issues and disaster planning.

Plan & Review Commission Report
Zoning Administrator Report – Hucker reported that there was one shoreland land use permit and one
compliance issue.

Hucker reported that the commission reviewed the Metallic Mining Ordinance draft. Questions were raised regarding the zoning land classification, hours of operation and reclamation. Hucker will consult with the town’s attorney regarding these issues. Work will continue on this draft ordinance at the next meeting.

Committee Reports
Roads – Equipment Status – McGuiness reported that there are no equipment issues at this time.

Fogal reported that the culvert project (three culverts provided by the Forest Service) is now complete. The final grading has been done and the water flow is good. Cerman reported that water is pouring over Tews Rd. near Boersma Rd. Fogal advised that the road crew could install a culvert at that site.

The pavement rating road certification report has been submitted to the state.

McGuinness reported that the weather has been a factor in completing the Town Hall Rd. project. Paving will be done as soon as the weather allows. Fogal is concerned that the blacktop will be overlaid and not
pulverized. Hucker advised that this is a temporary overlay as the entire road needs to be paved. The
consensus was to not invest in paving the entire road until it is learned whether or not the repairs will stop the flooding. Based on the road committee minutes of 9-26-18, Huot has concerns about the culverts not being installed at the right height and whether NWBE has been doing its job as project manager.
Discussion was held. The engineers approved the placement of the culverts. Fogal advised that the
culverts were installed according to the project plan even though he would have installed a bigger culvert. Hucker advised that NWBE’s hours will be reviewed before they are paid as the project manager.

A letter was received from the USFS advising that a meeting will be held on October 23rd regarding the
continuing implementation of permanent repairs to sites damaged during the July 2016 storms. The repairs to Upper A (FR 205) should be completed in 2019.

Hucker asked for input from the road crew regarding the 2019 grant application during the road or health & safety committee meetings next week. The grant application must be submitted by the end of the month.

Health & Safety – Fire Department Report – Fire Chief Nelson reported that there are no equipment issues.
A new CO2 monitor has been purchased. He has noticed that some fire signs are not being maintained,
property owners are moving them to a different location and condos need to have the fire sign displayed on the building. He will contact the county regarding this matter.

Regarding communications, Hucker reported that applying for the FCC license was authorized for the
Moose Lake tower even though DSC Communications thinks the building on the top of the tower may
obstruct the transmission. Both fire departments (Round Lake & Spider Lake) noted that the county
repeater worked with the tower structure in place. If this tower will work, it will be much less costly than
trying to use the Norvado towers or coming up with another tower solution.

Cerman reported that he has inspected the Ghost Lake dam and the water is high. He felt that maybe the spillway should be opened. The owners of Boulder Lodge, who have been mowing the area, stated that the spillway should not be opened. The town is authorized to regulate the spillway. The gate wheel should be tested when the water is low.

An email was received from the USDA (Forest Service) regarding the Day Lake Dam tabletop exercise on
October 17th from 8:30 am to approximately 12:30 pm at the Clam Lake Community Center. Hucker will try to attend as the failure of this dam could affect a portion of the town.

Solid Waste – Brandt reported that after receiving an email from Republic Services outlining our charges, he is not going to pursue a new contract at this time. It appears that Republic is charging less than it should.
Discussion was held regarding options to possibly reduce the monthly bill. Brandt has received recycling
flyers to hand out at the dump site. Revenues may not cover the cost this year. Brandt is still waiting for a  check for the scrap metal from Best Choice Recycling. The white goods will be picked up after October 15th.

Insurance & Finance – Discussion was held on whether or not the amount of the short-term tax collector bond should be increased. A motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt to obtain a short-term tax collector bond in the amount of $250,000.00 in lieu of a resolution to cover the treasurer and the town. Huot will follow up with the insurance carrier. All in favor. Motion carried.

Huot advised that he contacted The Horton Group (Nate Pezewski) regarding any changes in insurance
coverage and/or rates for 2019. Pezewski advised that to be safe, a 4-5% increase across the board should be included in the 2019 budget to cover any premium increases, even though the increase may be closer to 2%.

Clerk’s Report
Other Correspondence – A letter was received from the WTA advising that certain documents in the
Information Library will only be accessible to WTA members & will require a user name and password.

A critique form was received from the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival asking for any comments on this
year’s bike race or suggestions for next year’s bike race. Nelson suggested that they clean up their signage. Two weeks after the race, signs were still up and ribbons were on the roads and in the woods.

The projected shared revenue for 2019 will remain at $10,173.00 and the preliminary 2019 transportation aids will also remain the same at $233,214.18.

A letter was received from the town’s assessor, Claude Riglemon, explaining why his 2019 contract will
increase $2,200.00 from $11,000.00 to $13,200.00. Significant changes in how assessors must do their
annual assessment work is the cause of the increase. Discussion was held regarding the increase.

The Quiet Lakes Tourism Association has asked and received permission to borrow tables and chairs for its fundraiser at Boulder Lodge on October 14th.

Overman requested that everyone turn in their annual year end letter by November 1st.

Overman reported that the WTA unit meeting will be held October 29th at the Town of Hayward. An attorney from the WTA will be present to answer legal questions.

Questions from Audience and Other Matters for Discussion Purposes Only
Hucker reported, with regret, that Jennifer Overman has resigned from the fire department. She was a
member for eighteen years. Hucker asked Nelson to thank her on behalf of the town board for her service.

Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt to adjourn. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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