11/07/18 – Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Spider Lake
Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes
November 7, 2018

The Plan and Review Commission meeting was called to order by Chair Hucker at approximately 6:00 p.m. with Cerman, Brandt, Mazik, Ross, Hucker, along with Secretary Tripodi and Zoning Administrator Boss.

Pledge of Allegiance

Motion made by Brandt and seconded by Mazik to approve the 10-3-2018 meeting minutes. MC 5-0

Zoning Administrator Report

Boss handed out his monthly report. There were two Land Use Shoreland Permits, and three site inspections.

Discussion of County Metallic Mining Ordinance

Hucker handed out the latest version of the Metallic Mining Ordinance Draft. It is suggested that rather than passing this as its own ordinance or making it part four of the Town’s zoning ordinance that the Town create a new section in Part I one of the existing ordinance. That means all references to mining will be in one location. There were some concerns expressed about whether there is sufficient information about reclamation. The town’s attorney recommended that we continue with the format that is presently in the ordinance which allows for review of the required reclamation plan. There was also discussion about the town’s responsibility to enforce the ordinance provisions. Once this final draft is complete, there will be a public hearing scheduled.

Any Other Business That May Come Before the Commission for Discussion

Hucker announced that the Town has found a new Zoning Administrator. Dale Olson is the current Zoning Administrator for the County and is willing to take on that responsibility. Boss supports this appointment and he will be staying on as the Assistant Zoning Administrator. He will continue to perform inspections and his company will remain as the Town’s UDC inspector. Olson and Boss’s appointments will be presented to the Town Board at its next meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Cerman and seconded by Ross, MC 5-0

Chelsea Tripodi Secretary

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