11/08/17 – Board of Supervisors Monthly Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 8, 2017

The Town of Spider Lake Board of Supervisors monthly meeting was called to order by Town Chair Hucker at 7:00 PM. Present were Hucker, McGuiness, Brandt, Cerman, Huot, Clerk Ferda, Treasurer Overman, Fire Chief Nelson and Road Crew Leader Mark Matchett.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Cerman to approve the agenda. All in favor. Motion carried.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt to approve the Town Board minutes of 10-11-17, the Budget Workshop minutes of 10-18-17, the Plan & Review Commission and Public Hearing minutes of 10-4-17 and the Road, Health & Safety, Insurance & Finance and Solid Waste committee meeting minutes of 10-10-17. All in favor. Motion carried.

Overman presented the Treasurer’s report. October 2017 receipts were $55,694.84 and expenditures were $35,654.97 leaving a balance of $641,696.97.

The vouchers were presented for payment. Motion to approve checks numbered #022560 through #022597 (including EFT checks) in the amount of $39,859.66 was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot. All in favor. Motion carried.

On the recommendation of Hucker, a motion was made by Huot and 2nd by McGuiness to appoint Chelsea Tripodi as secretary to the Plan & Review Commission effective 11-1-17. All in favor. Motion carried.

Overman reported on the WTA County meeting. Carol Williamson, Sawyer County Clerk, discussed the reasons why the county is now passing more of the election costs to the towns. Senator Petrowski discussed mining in the area and asked that any towns that have mining issues to contact him. Hucker stated that some residents have received postcards regarding the “Homeowners Bill of Rights” that if passed could take away local control for zoning.

Plan & Review Commission Report
Hucker reported on the public hearing for a Conditional Use Permit for Tony and Karna Kroening. The Kroening’s are requesting the installation of a lift and two oversized nonconforming decks for a physically cognitively disabled child with Downs Syndrome, and an adult male with traumatic brain injury and auto immune rheumatoid arthritis. Two property owners, (Halls and Hallenbecks) objected to the proposed CUP (written comments are attached to the PRC minutes). Boss has issued a notice of violation for the installation of a deck without obtaining a land use permit. Boss noted that no mitigation plan had been submitted and the WDNR had not approved placement of posts that were placed in the water to support an expanded deck. The Commission would prefer that the lift fit in the existing 43’ corridor. Boss advised that if revisions were made to the plan, a CUP might not be needed. Mr. Kroening agreed to work with Boss to reevaluate the plan. The Commission voted to defer any action until Boss reports back whether the issue was resolved without a CUP or further action would be needed. Any new plan will be provided to the Halls and Hallenbecks. A double permit fee will be required and the DNR must also address this issue. Cerman asked if the property could be put back to its original condition if the Kroening’s move. Hucker advised that if a CUP is required, then that could be a condition. If a CUP is not needed, this may not be possible.

Sheldon Johnson, director for the Northwest Regional Planning Commission attended the meeting regarding the revision of the Comprehensive Plan. The plan must be updated every ten years and the deadline for revision is September 2018. Information in the plan needs to be updated and the CWPP should be referenced in the Comprehensive Plan. Johnson will prepare options and costs to present to the town board.

Zoning Administrator’s Report – There was one Shoreland Land Use permit that was denied. The Vorlicky CUP was issued and there were some site inspections. A land use application was submitted for the Manahan violation.

Committee Reports
Roads – McGuiness reported that the PTO shaft was replaced on the mower. All other equipment is in working order. The road crew is currently grading and clearing upper limbs on trees along Upper A to help minimize any damage to the plow mirrors. The work on Rock Lake Rd. has been completed. The work on Pederson Rd. should begin tomorrow.

Hucker reported that WEM (Wisconsin Emergency Management) requested that the 4th quarter FEMA report needed to be submitted. Hucker submitted the report in October; however he will resubmit the report again.

Matchett reported that the delineation report on Town Hall Rd. has been completed. Currently, surveying, shooting center lines and topology is being done. Matchett also reported that there has been water on Town Hall Rd. north of Curtis Rd. Since the water level has now receded, Matchett is suggesting that a 4” lift be installed to correct the problem.

Hucker reported that the signed paperwork was received from the USFS regarding the pumps that were used on FR 205 (Upper A).

McGuiness reported that he attended the LRIP meeting on October 26th. The town is currently in 10th place to receive any grant funds. Since the program started in 1992, the town has received a total of $115,500.00 from this program for road projects. McGuiness will sit on the committee to determine which towns in Sawyer County will receive the funds ($165,960.00) that are available for 2018-2019.

Matchett reported that a warming hut has been erected at the Boedecker Rd. ski hill crossing on county property. Hucker will contact the zoning administrator to see if a land use permit was issued.

Health & Safety – Fire Department Report – Fire Chief Nelson reported that three trees were removed at station #2. Discussion was held regarding the installation of a telephone at station #2, at a cost of $80.00 a month, so that a temperature alarm can be installed for the protection of the fire equipment. Hucker advised that if Nelson does not want to install a phone due to the cost, to come up with an alternate plan to make sure that the heat is always working at station #2. Nelson reported that the brush chipping is done. Hucker asked that all volunteer time be turned in for the 2017 grants and he still has not heard from the DNR on whether the 2018 grants have been approved. Regarding radio communication, Hucker suggested possibly meeting with the Town of Round Lake to discuss this matter and the Wild Fire Protection Plan.

Cerman reported that the heating units in the town garage and fire station #2 have been inspected, cleaned and repaired. Gutters and doors still need to be installed at the town hall.

Solid Waste – Discussion was held on how to dispose of televisions that were collected over the summer as Best Choice Recycling no longer takes them. Costs of disposal, which will be more expensive, through Republic Services or Northwest WI Regional were reviewed. Brandt will take the TV’s for disposal next week.

Insurance & Finance – Ferda reported that due to a change in the state law, the treasurer’s bond now has to be the amount of the county and state’s combined levy. There should not be much change in the cost.

Clerk’s Report
An email was received from the Hayward Lakes Visitors and Convention Bureau regarding information to property owners who rent out their property for overnight stays. Hucker advised that he will include the substance of this information in the annual taxpayer letter along with the changes to the town’s zoning ordinance regarding short term rentals.

An email was received from the state outlining the changes made to the Managed Forest Law due to the enactment of 2017 Wisconsin Act 59. The changes should not have much impact on the town’s revenue from this source.

A reminder that the Budget Public Hearing, the Special Elector meeting and the Special Town Board meeting to approve the 2018 budget will be held on November 16th at 6:00 PM.

Overman would like everyone to turn in their annual year end letter as soon as possible.

The final estimate of the January 1, 2017 population is 357.

Questions from Audience and Other Matters for Discussion Purposes Only
Patrick Delaney stated that he agreed with Cerman regarding the Kroening property being reverted back to its original condition should the Kroenings move. He said that the zoning ordinance should not be changed to accommodate people with special needs. He stated he is willing to pay more for trash disposal in order for the town to keep taking televisions. Brandt & Hucker want to continue the service of taking televisions.

Hucker reported that higher internet speed is now available. If anyone wishes to upgrade, you must contact Century Link. Century Link will not contact residents.

Brandt reported the cell tower is now working if you have T-Mobile service.

Motion to adjourn was made by Huot and 2nd by McGuiness. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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