12/06/17 – Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Spider Lake
Plan and Review Commission Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2017

The Plan and Review Commission meeting was called to order by Chair Hucker at approximately 6:00 p.m. with Brandt, Cerman, Mazik, alternate Smith, and Hucker present along with Zoning Administrator. Ross was absent.

Pledge of Allegiance

Motion made by Mazik and seconded by Cerman to approve the 11-1-17 meeting and public hearing minutes. MC 5-0

Certified Survey Map Review

Owner Pat Jones – Subdivision of CSM #3152, located in the NW ¼ of the SW ¼, section 36, T42N R7W, Town of Spider Lake, Sawyer County, Wisconsin.

Boss indicated that the proposed CSM is to divide the current lot into two lots. It was discussed that proposed Lot 1 measurements shown on preliminary CSM included the public right of way. By ordinance, the Lot cannot include a public right of way square footage for lot minimum size. Lot 1 square footage will need to be checked in order for the CSM to pass. Motion made by Brandt, seconded by Smith to authorize Boss to approve the CSM provided that Lot 1 meets the square footage requirements. MC 5-0

Kroening CUP Request

Boss issued a Land Use Permit for the installation of the lift. Adjacent landowners have been notified and provided, with a copy of the site plan. The Conditional Use Permit application is abandoned.

Zoning Administrator Report

Boss handed out his monthly report. There was one Non-Shoreland Land Use permit with double permit fee for the warming building on Boedecker Rd. There were three Shoreland Land use permits issues, all with double permit fees. One Demolition permit. Two site inspections, and one violation.

Proposed Ordinance Changes in relation to Short Term Rentals, Land Development, CUPs, Variances, Etc.

There was an open discussion on Wisconsin Act 67, and Act 59. Act 59 is included in the budget bill. The town likely will pursue passing an ordinance limiting Short Term Rentals as allowed by sections of Act 59. Possible changes to the zoning ordinance are being reviewed by the town’s attorney and will be made if necessary as it relates to CUPs and matters before the Board of Appeals. It appears the town already applies most if not all of the requirements in our current review activities.

Any Other Business That May Come Before the Commission for Discussion

There was none.

Motion to adjourn by Cerman and seconded by Mazik, MC 5-0

Chelsea Tripodi

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