12/14/16 – Monthly Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 14, 2016

The Town of Spider Lake Board of Supervisors monthly meeting was called to order by Town Chair Hucker at 7:00 PM. Present were Hucker, Brandt, McGuiness, Huot, Clerk Ferda and Treasurer Overman. Supervisor Cerman and Fire Chief Nelson were absent.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot to amend the agenda by moving Item #8 (discussion and possible action relating to Landing Camp Rd. WDNR boat access improvements) to immediately following the Pledge of Allegiance. All in favor. Motion carried.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Supervisor Cerman arrived.

Representatives from the DNR were present at the meeting to discuss boat access improvements on Landing Camp Road. The DNR has acquired a federal grant for the improvements. Hucker reported that there is a question of ownership on a triangular sliver of land where the boat access is currently located. The town had deeded to it some property by the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association in 1974. The property (Lot 104) was conveyed subject to the town right-of-way. The concern is there is nothing of record that indicates an ownership interest or right for the DNR to have access at that particular point. It now needs to be determined what requirements will be needed, if any, to allow for the use of the funds for improvements to the right-of-way and also what the DNR may need from the town. One possible solution may be an easement from the Town to the DNR over that sliver of land. Another possible solution is the town could quit claim that sliver of land to the DNR. An easement appears to be the simplest solution. Discussion was held. Motion was made by Brandt and 2nd by McGuiness to grant the DNR an easement and if that is not sufficient, then quit claim the segment of property off Lot 104 to the DNR. Hucker stated that he would like the flexibility to do something less drastic, if it’s available, such as a letter between the DNR and the town to grant permission to do the improvements. This would be less expensive. Brandt amended his motion to include this flexibility. 2nd by McGuiness. Cerman asked that the dock at this boat landing remain in the water as long as possible because of heavy use. After discussion, the DNR will try to keep the dock in longer whenever possible. The removal of a dry hydrant was discussed. All in favor. Motion carried.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot to approve the Town Board minutes of 11-9-16 and 11-17-16 and the Plan & Review Commission minutes and Public Hearing minutes of 11-2-16. All in favor. Motion carried.

Overman presented the Treasurer’s report. November 2016 receipts were $39,193.25 and expenditures were $77,157.48 leaving a balance of $543,443.20. Hucker questioned whether this year’s tax bills already reflects the increased expense budgeted by the County for full time paramedics. Overman stated she didn’t think it was included.
The vouchers were presented for payment. Motion to approve checks numbered #022000 and #022014 through #022071 (including EFT checks) in the amount of $88,148.22 was made by Huot and 2nd by McGuiness. All in favor. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt to approve the following 2016 budget amendment:
1) Increasing the Solid Waste line item by $50.00 from the Contingency line item.
All in favor. 5 yes and no nay votes. Motion carried. The contingency line item will now have a balance of $26,900.00.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot to reduce the 2017 Road Construction and Maintenance line item by $2.00. All in favor. Motion carried. 5 yes and no nay votes.

Motion was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt to approve a 2.5% increase for the road crew making the Lead Worker position rate as $23.98 per hour and the Equipment Operator, Truck Driver and Mechanic position rate as $22.85 per hour to become effective 1-1-17. All in favor. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Brandt and 2nd by Cerman to raise the Zoning Administrator’s base monthly salary from $550.00 to $600.00 and to increase the rate for public hearings from $60.00 to $100.00 per hearing to become effective 1-1-17. All in favor. Motion carried.

Motion was made by McGuiness and 2nd by Huot to approve a $0.25 an hour increase (bringing the hourly rate to $12.75 per hour) for Jerry Ferda and Judy DeTray effective 1-1-17. All in favor. Motion carried.

Plan & Review Commission Report

Short Term Rentals – Hucker reported that Commission members discussed what other counties have done regarding short term rentals. Hucker reported that before the meeting he was inundated with complaints from people in the Towns of Hunter, Round Lake and Spider Lake regarding how the county is handling the proposed amendments to its zoning ordinance as it relates to tourist rooming houses. The complaints are from residents and those in the hospitality business. The residents stated they did not bargain for businesses or commercial operations such as short term rentals in their zoning districts. Bob Wick, who is in the hospitality business, feels that he is being put in an unfair advantage by for rent by owners who are not regulated as a business. Hucker also reported that he has not heard back from the town attorney but the Commission will proceed by considering prohibition of short term rentals in some zoning districts and by regulating short term rentals in other zoning districts at some level that has yet to be determined. Wick had indicated that the Department of Health Services says that a license is needed even if a person is only renting property for one day a year.

Driveway Requirements – Markups to the driveway application were distributed and commission members were asked for any comments.

A-1 District – Hucker reported that Boss is finalizing the changes and is preparing for a public hearing.
Zoning Administrator’s Report – Boss reported that several violations were under investigation regarding a sign issue, a shoreland mitigation plan and replacement of a nonconforming deck.

The Plan & Review Commission is recommending that the Town Board amend the zoning fee schedule based upon the amount of work required by the zoning administrator. Motion was made by Cerman and 2nd by Huot to approve Resolution #2016-04 (Zoning Fee Schedule). All in favor. Motion carried. Resolution 2016-04 will replace Resolution #2014-07. (List of changes is attached to the minutes).

Hucker noted that the Citation Ordinance will be reviewed.

Committee Reports

Roads – Hucker reported that the final report has been submitted to FEMA. Regarding the USFS, Hucker reported that he and Mark Koshak from the USFS agreed upon an amount of $7,640.25. Hucker then received a contract asking for his signature. However, this contract listed two different amounts. The contract was corrected by the USFS and Hucker signed it. Once it is approved by the Forest Administrator, the town must submit an invoice to the USFS by 1-17-17 or the contract may need to be amended.

McGuiness reported that all equipment is operating properly. The new sanders should be installed this month. Cerman requested that the snow should only be plowed to the back of the town hall building to prevent the water lines from freezing.

Health & Safety – Cerman reported that he will contact someone to replace the siding on the back of the building at Fire Station #2 where it had been removed to replace an exhaust pipe. Como was called out (for the third time) regarding a propane smell around the solid waste site. Como checked the tanks, the
appliances in the town hall and the heater in the road garage and found nothing wrong. Cerman will contact them again as this is an ongoing problem.

There was no fire department report.

The next Community Wildfire Protection Plan meeting will be held January 10, 2017 in Cable.

The final requests for payment under the 2016 CWPP grants have been submitted to the DNR and the 2017 grants are still pending.

Hucker attended the LEPC meeting on December 6, 2016. He reported that there is concern regarding the lack of planning by the Birkie Foundation with the changes that have been made to the Kortelopet ski race. The race will now take place on Friday on the south side of OO and there has been no communication between the Birkie Foundation and the Sheriff’s office regarding parking, staffing and the busing of the skiers. Huot will talk with members of the board. L & M is expanding and must maintain certain standards due to the number of batteries on site. The county mitigation plan needs to be reassessed.

Solid Waste – Brandt reported that Best Choice Recycling will deliver a dumpster for scrap metal.

Insurance & Finance – Huot reported that the town received a dividend check in the amount of $1,491.00 for a favorable loss experience under worker’s compensation for 2015.

Clerk’s Report

Other Correspondence – A letter was received from the Northwest Regional Planning Commission advising that the 2016 Annual Update to the 2015-19 Northwest Wisconsin Region’s “Vision for Prosperity” Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Report for Northwest Wisconsin has been completed. It may be viewed online at www.nwrpc.com/ceds.

A motion was made by Brandt and 2nd by Huot to grant the request of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival to utilize Telemark Road/Spider Lake Fire Lane from Clear Lake Road north to the town line, Boedecker Road from the town line east to Spider Lake Fire Lane and Janet Road from the town line north to Boedecker Road on 9-16-17 for the Fat Tire bicycle race subject to receiving a $1,000,000.00 certificate of liability insurance. All in favor. Motion carried.

Ferda reported on the 2016 mill rates for the town. The Hayward School District rate is $9.85, an increase of $0.03 over the 2015 rate and the Chequamegon School District rate is $11.59, a decrease of $0.05 over the 2015 rate.

Motion to adjourn was made by Huot and 2nd by Brandt. All in favor. Motion carried.

Christine Ferda
Town Clerk

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