Trash & Recycling

 Solid Waste & Recycling Information


10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


• Summer – (mid-May to mid-October) Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.

• Winter – (mid-October to mid-May) Saturdays only.

Recyclable Items - Does & Do nots

Click here to see what items are recyclable and what item are not.

Household waste fees are $3.50 per bag (up to 33 gallon). Bags larger than 33 gallons may be subject to an extra charge of $1.50.

Recycling Procedures: Recycling is free of charge.

Plastic, tin cans, glass, newspaper and magazines can be commingled in one container.  Cardboard has a separate container and aluminum cans are collected a fenced in area, and the proceeds from their sale goes to the Fire Dept.

PLASTICS: Rinse bottles clean and flatten no need to remove labels.  Plastics #1 through #7 are accepted.  Plastic bags must be combined into one bag.  SEE BELOW FOR PLASTICS NOT ACCEPTED.

ALUMINUM CANS: Rise cans clean, also accepted are clean pie pans etc. Scrap aluminum is not accepted but can be placed in the scrap metal container.

TIN CANS: Remove all labels, rinse cans clean of all food scraps and flatten.

single-sort_recyclingGLASS: Clear, brown and green glass from food or beverage containers only, remove caps, rinse container clean and remove loose foil.  Not accepted are clay pots, drinking glasses, dishes, light bulbs, headlights, window glass, ovenware or crystal.

MIXED PAPER: Includes newspapers, magazines, flyers, copy paper, catalogs, paper grocery bags and junk mail.

CARDBOARD and BOXBOARD (cereal boxes):  Must be flattened.

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED FOR RECYCLING THAT SHOULD GO IN SOLID WASTE: Aerosol cans, rubber products, fabrics, and wood and paint/chemical containers.  Plastic not accepted regardless of their # are automotive product bottles (examples are oil, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid, STYROFOAM, plastic trays and pot from flowers/plants, salt and soil bags, plastic packaging and toys.

Plastic item codes okay for recycling.

Plastic item codes okay for recycling.

NOTE: State and Town regulations require that the above materials be recycled. Penalties exist for failure to comply.


Items are accepted year around except large items which are only accepted May 15th though October 15th.

amplifiers, antenna boosters, battery chargers, calculators, cameras, cell phones, computers, DVD-VCR players, electric cords, eye glasses, fish finders, game systems, GPS units, ink & toner cartridges, metal detectors, MP3 or PDA devices, power supplies, printers, scanners, radios, satellite boxes, telephones, transformers, watches, wire connectors

Large Items with $20.00 Fee:
televisions, CRT monitors

Large items with $10.00 Fee:
dishwashers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, stoves, washers, water heaters

Large Items with No Fee:
air conditioners, dehumidifiers, engines (small), generators, ice makers (small), lawn mowers, microwaves, outboard motors, snow blowers, welders

aluminum or steel rims, alternators, chain saws, electric motors, gas meters, small appliances, solar panels, electric tools

lead acid, lithium, rechargeable

breaker boxes, brass parts, plumbing parts, pots & pans, radiators, silver ware, stainless sinks, water faucets, wheel weights

NOTE any item containing wood is not accepted.

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