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Planning & Zoning

The town adopted an amended Comprehensive Land Use Plan in 2008 and since 1967 has had its own zoning requirements. Under the various land use ordinances, the town regulates and restricts, among other things, the location, construction, and use of buildings and structures and other land use.

The town Zoning Administrator issues land uses permits and is there to assist with identifying requirements under the land use ordinances and providing other zoning information.   He can be contacted at (715) 634-0432.  His regular hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.  He also can be contacted by email at   Camping (including trailer camping) in the town is prohibited, unless it is in a designated federal, state or an approved campground.  Matters involving sanitary permits for septic systems, holding tanks, etc. are regulated by Sawyer County.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulates shoreline and waterway activities as well.  You will find links to the Sawyer County website and the DNR website in the Area Links.

Planning and Zoning is regulated by the Plan and Review Commission.  As more fully set out in the ordinances, the Commission reviews certified survey maps, makes recommendations to the Town Board regarding such matters as conditional use permits and assists in planning function for the town. The members of the Commission are appointed by the Town Chair with the approval of the Town Board.

Current members are:

  • Brian Hucker, Chairperson (715-462-3783)
  • George Brandt
  • John Cerman
  • Prudence Ross
  • Case Mazik
  • Vacant (1st Alternate)
  • Vacant (2nd Alternate)
  • Secretary  (Vacant)

We are looking for a secretary.  If you are interested, please contact Brian Hucker or Chris Ferda.



The Town also has a Board of Appeals which has jurisdiction over variance requests as well as certain other administrative matters.

The Board of Appeals members are:

  • Mike Covelli, Chairperson (715-462-3634)
  • Carol Alcoe (1st Alternate)
  • Judy Clifton
  • Greg Topp
  • Jim Nickel
  • Jan Beatty
  • Jo Mazik, Secretary (715-462-3709)

Please note that the County and the Town exercise concurrent jurisdiction over land use of property located in a Shoreland Area.  Contact information for the Chairpersons and Secretaries are listed above.  Our land use ordinances can be found on the Selected Town Ordinances Page.


Forms & Permits

Planning & Zoning Forms for Permits: • Application for Conditional Use Permit – Town of Spider Lake, Sawyer County, Wisconsin Download PDF of application for printing • Application for Land Use/Building Permit – Town of Spider Lake, Sawyer County, Wisconsin Download PDF of application for printing • Resolution 2016-04 Zoning Fee Schedule – Town of …