The Heatlth and Safety Committee of the Town of Spider Lake, in agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the resolution Authorizing the Adoption of Procedures for Electronic Public Meetings and Public Hearings to Ensure the Continuity of Government During the Covid-19 Pandemic Disaster, recommends that we continue to avoid close contact with others and practice physical distancing.  Further, the Health and Safety Committee strongly recommends that:

  • All Town meetings that can be convened using electronic participation, should be convened.
  • All in-person Town meetings should be avoided.  IF, however, an essential in-person meeting must be convened, THEN
    • Avoid gatherings of ten or more people wherever possible.
    • Face masks should be required for all in-person meeting participants.
    • A minimum of 6 feet of social distancing among all attendees should be observed.
    • When possible, in-person meetings should be conducted outside.
  • The Health and Safety Committee supported this resolution, named above, at the August, 2020 Town Board Meeting.

Sue Dale
Chair of the Health and Safety Committee
March 23, 2021