New Emergency Communications System for the Road and Fire Departments is live!

On April 12, the final radio equipment was installed.  Note the picture of the antenna being assembled on the ground (in the rain) before being hoisted up the tower.  Also note the fixed radio equipment in the background.  The system was tested and initial tests indicate satisfactory coverage and system performance.

The following organizations were involved in making this a success:

1. Associated Public Safety Communications Officers – Frequency coordination
2. Federal Communications Commission – Construction permit and operating license
3. Edge Consulting – Structural analysis
4. Norvado – Cell site lease and outdoor cabinet, lunar pad and ice bridge
5. DSC Communications – Reprogramming and system installation
6. Motorola – Repeater and duplexer equipment
7. Kreyer Electric – AC wiring
8. Jump River Electric – Electric power
9. Structural Tower Services – Antenna and line installation

I would like to thank Don Fogal, Bob Hamlin and Lee Nelson who provided equipment access and testing. Also, Deb Amery, Sue Dale and Tim Sheldon for project support and budgeting. Now both the Road crew and Fire department can go use it.

Jim Nickel, Project Manager

Note: Many thanks to Jim as well!