Spider Chain of Lakes Association announces its Comprehensive Lake Management Plan and invites comments through November 30.

Spider Chain of Lakes Association (SCLA) president Larry Keller announced the first ever Spider Chain of Lakes Comprehensive Lake Management Plan (CLMP). The plan has a 10-year horizon and addresses lake water quality, habitat, aquatic invasive species prevention, and the social framework to support the long-term health of the lakes. The Spider Chain of Lakes includes Clear Lake, Fawn Lake, North Lake, and Big and Little Spider lakes in Sawyer County. The plan will be implemented from 2022 to 2032.   


The plan review copy is available at SpiderChainofLakes.org. Comments are accepted through November 30, 2021. 


With this CLMP, SCLA joins a growing list of Wisconsin lake associations and lake districts that are planning for the future in cooperation with the Wisconsin DNR and local agencies such as its partners in Sawyer County.


Please send comments via mail or email to:

Harmony Environmental, 516 Keller Ave. S, Amery, WI  54001 ([email protected])


For more information on how SCLA protects the Spider Chain of Lakes go to SpiderChainofLakes.org/Lake Management