Forms & Permits

The information on this page is current and accurate but is still under development. More information and a reorganization of this page will be coming soon!

Fireworks Permits


The Fireworks Permit Form must be submitted at least 7 days before using any fireworks, and proof of insurance may be required. Certificate of insurance and the permit application should be emailed to [email protected]

FIREWORKS ARE NEVER ALLOWED - even with a permit - if the Fire Danger designation for Sawyer County is “High” (Click here to see the current Fire Designation). Setting off fireworks over lakes and/or buildings is also prohibited.

Using fireworks without a valid permit or in violation of the statutes is punishable by law and may result in fines or penalties. Complaints should be addressed to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department.

Other Permits & Licenses

  • Fishing Licenses - Kids 15 and under fish free every day in the state of Wisconsin, as do Wisconsin residents who were born before 1927 or who are active-duty military on furlough or leave! Everyone else must obtain a valid Wisconsin Fishing License. Click here to visit the Wisconsin DNR page and obtain your license online or check in with your favorite nearby bait store to obtain one in person.


  • Burning Permits – Except during periods when the ground is 100% covered by snow, burning permits are required by the Wisconsin DNR in this part of the state in order to legally burn debris outdoors. Click here to obtain a free Burning Permit.


  • Dog Licenses - All dogs 5 months or older by January 1 of any given year must have a license before April 1 of that same year. A license is also required within 30 days of acquiring a new dog or within 30 days from the date a young dog becomes 5 months of age. Click here to visit the Sawyer County website and apply for a dog license. Certificate of valid Rabies vaccine must accompany your application.